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Electronic Data Disposal and Reuse


All University information systems and electronic media must be disposed of properly when no longer needed or before reuse.  Disposal must meet the OU Electronic Disposal and Reuse Standard. (more information on the policy)


When a University or personally owned information system or electronic medium is no longer needed for University use or will be reused for a different purpose, all University data must be completely removed with erase tool(s) that meet industry standards for data destruction.

Disposal of all University electronic media and information systems must be tracked and logged.  At a minimum, such tracking and logging must provide the following information:

  • Date and time of disposal
  • Who performed the disposal
  • Brief description of media or information systems that was disposed
  • Reason for disposal
  • Verification of data removal or destruction prior to disposal (see Record of Destruction form for details)

A Record of Destruction form is available on the Information Technology web site, but departments may develop their own forms to meet specific needs.  Contact the local records retention officer on your campus for their specific forms before destroying data covered by records retention regulations.

GreenSafe is the designated procedure for OKC-based organizations of the OU Health Sciences Center to comply with the existing OUHSC Electronic Data Disposal policy and standard.

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