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The GreenSafe program is a centralized campus service to securely remove data from used computing assets according to University policy and dispose of used technology in an environmentally friendly manner. GreenSafe is the designated procedure for OKC-based organizations of the OU Health Sciences Center to comply with the existing OUHSC Electronic Data Disposal policy and standard.

The GreenSafe program includes the pick-up, tracking, data cleaning and proper disposal of computing assets, including desktop & laptop computers, loose hard drives, monitors, printers, fax machines, computer accessories (keyboard, mice, speaker, etc.) and cell phones. If you need to dispose a UPS Battery, click here.

Please Note:  GreenSafe will only accept an Excel spreadsheet with up to 25 items per request. Two spreadsheets are accepted if you have a box of loose hard drives.

GreenSafe Procedure

  1. Tier 1 contacts GreenSafe program via web form to establish service request. The standardized Greensafe Template is mandatory.  If you have loose hard drives, pack them in a small box and affix the spreadsheet containing these drives only.
  2. Assets are scheduled for pick-up through HSC Moving Services
  3. Asset is documented and transported to GreenSafe staging area
  4. Asset is transported for (a) recycling process, (b) environmentally-friendly disposal, or (c) re purposed.
  5. Asset data is destroyed according to University standards

HSC Staff Instructions

  • Before you can submit a request, you are required to complete the standardized asset template provided here. OUHSC Moving Services and the GreenSafe program require a serial number for all items.  If the item has an OU asset tag, that information must be recorded also.
  • Incomplete templates will be returned to you for correction and will result in a delay of your pickup.
  • Upon completion of the template, attach it as an Excel file (do NOT scan file and submit as a PDF, we need it in Excel format) to the Service Desk Request Form
  • Instructions for completing this form are included here.
  • *** GreenSafe will only process one excel sheet at a time (two if you have a box of loose drives). This is 25 items in one online submission plus any loose drives. Please wait 3 days before submitting a second request online. If you have any questions, please let us know at 271-2203***
  • IT will notify Moving Services of the request.  The pickup may take as long as four weeks so please plan for any delay.

In short:

  1. Complete Excel template
  2. Save Template as Excel File
  3. Complete Service Desk GreenSafe Request Form and attach the Excel file
  4. Submit request

Request GreenSafe asset pick-up
(please read the instructions before submitting a request)


May 2015 Update

  • Campus IT has covered the cost of disposing assests since 2001.
  • A cost recovery charge back to all departments is not anticipated, but as budgets continue to evolve a charge back model remains an option.
  • IT is continually monitoring the recovery marketplace for the most efficient and effective solutions possible.  In addition to understanding and pursuing private recovery solutions, IT is actively monitoring a new State of Oklahoma data disposal solution mandated by law for Oklahoma state agencies.

See GreenSafe Update (July 09).pdf for additional details.


Supporting Documentation

Contact servicedesk@ouhsc.edu with comments or questions.