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Information Technology Policies, Standards, and Guidelines

In support of efforts to protect key University information assets, manage risk, and ensure regulatory compliance, Information Technology is overseeing development of information system security policies, standards, and procedures.

Security Policies

  1. Acceptable Use of Information Systems Policy (new 5/5/20)
  2. Access to University Data Policy
  3. Activity (Log) Review Policy
  4. Business Unit Security Roles and Responsibilities Policy
  5. Compliance Sanctions Policy
  6. Confidential Research and Publications Policy- 2020 (new 5/29/20)
  7. Cybersecurity Incident Reporting and Response Policy
  8. Digital Copyright Policy
  9. Electronic Data Disposal Policy
  10. Email Transmission and Use Policy
  11. Facility Security Policy
  12. Information Protection Policy- 2020 (new 5/29/20)
  13. Information Security Policy and Standard Lifecycle
  14. Information System and Data Classification Policy
  15. Information System Data in Motion Policy
  16. Information System Storage and Data Sharing Policy
  17. IT Change Management Policy
  18. Monitoring Computer Use Policy
  19. Password Management Policy
  20. Policy for Mass Campus Communications
  21. Portable Computing Device (PCD) Security Policy
  22. Information Security Risk Assessment (formerly Product Review) Policy
  23. Resource and Data Recovery Policy
  24. Security Awareness and Training Policy
  25. Third Party E-mail Policy
  26. Vulnerability Management Policy


Current Laws and Regulations


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