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OU IT System Security


Our duty is to protect critical information resources that support the University’s mission of teaching, healing, discovery, and public service.


Cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility!


Acceptable Use
By using University information systems or computing resources, you agree to abide by and comply with the applicable policies, procedures and laws. Acceptable use must be ethical, reflect academic honesty, and show responsible use in the consumption of shared resources.

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Personalized Scams Cyber criminals find or purchase information about people and use that information to personalize attacks. They use fear or extortion tactics to make people think their accounts have been compromised and then trick people into paying them money. These attacks can come via phone, message or email and will be urgent and demanding of payment in forms of Bitcoin, gift cards, etc.. For more information about personalized attacks, visit SANS Security Awareness.


Security Training & Awareness


Information Security is aimed at making the OUHSC user community aware of existing policies, standards, procedures and an ever-changing landscape of security threats. In order to promote policy compliance and mitigate the University’s information security risk, the have a Learning Management System (LMS) to provide users with the knowledge and skills necessary to comply with policy and practice good security habits.


Today's Cyber Attacks Target People        


Cybercriminals are increasingly using people-centered attacks that rely on social engineering and human interaction - "the human factor" - the instincts of curiosity and trust that lead the unaware user to click on fake websites, download and install malware, move funds to fraudulent accounts, and more. We aim to provide users with the knowledge and skills necessary to comply with policy and practice good security.


Our Strategy


Our training and awareness program strategy comes from the idea that security is not just a technology issue but rather a people and process issue. By proactively educating our users about secure and responsible use of technology resources, we are addressing the biggest component of a successful security program: the human element.


Over the next few months, we are focusing our efforts to provide training and resources for faculty, staff and students to spot social engineering attacks that target them through email, social media, and on websites. Look for emails from Information Security Services about these training opportunities and resources. For more information about these opportunities, please contact us by email or phone (see below).                                      



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Find information on getting connected to the Internet, common account questions, changing passwords, secure messaging, secure file transfer and other security related tips and services. Go to: http://help.ouhsc.edu


Inquiries & Questions
Assistance with other issues related to this service can be requested using this form. Upon submission, this form creates a record in our tracking system and it will be routed to the appropriate resource for response. Faculty and staff can first contact their Tier 1 or departmental technology support. For immediate assistance with service disruptions during normal business hours, please call (405) 271-2203 or (888) 435-7486.

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