OUHSC Information Technology Department

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Goals, Objectives of SDS
  1. Develop and implement an enterprise-class data center for securing and delivering critical information assets.
  2. Develop robust and assessable services that support the needs of project stakeholders.
  3. Create a reliable and efficient service for hosting and delivering critical information assets and other data to its users.
  4. Implement security policies and technical tools to protect data from loss, threat, theft, compromise of other inappropriate use.
  5. Reduce costs associated with the security and maintenance of critical information assets
  6. Provide quality service levels that meet or exceed customer expectations.
  7. Progress towards efficiencies through strategic implementation of standard platform(s).
  8. Provide enhanced data security in compliance with federal and other regulatory bodies.

Benefits of Secure Data Services
The initial version of secure data services will bring significant benefits to users through:
  • Access to enhanced, highly available data storage through increased capacity (5.8TB to 13TB) and environmental protection and redundancy
  • Centralized disaster recovery / business continuity through mirrored storage environments and tape backup
  • Capability for growth and expansion with available rack, power and other environmental factors already in place
  • A consolidated environment built from the ground up with security and data protection in mind
  • Network subnets and virtual LANs with access control features for segmentation of data by role
  • Highly available file, print and SQL servers through advanced server clustering; increased availability for all services through load balancing options
  • Server management processes including auditing, change control, monitoring and alarm notification
  • Snapshot technology implementation for advanced data backup and recovery services
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) based service