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OUHSC Policy for Mass Campus Communications

Mass E-mail

Use of the All OUHSC, OKC-Faculty, and OKC-Staff distribution lists is restricted to official communications (i.e. executive communications, campus emergencies or service disruptions) to the University community.  These messages originate from the Office of the Provost, Administration and Finance, Campus Police, Information Technology, or other approved offices.

Messages for distribution to all HSC Students must be sent to the "HSC Daily News (HSC)" mailbox or "hscdailynews@ouhsc.edu". HSC Student Affairs will review, approve and send appropriate messages to students through a daily comprehensive e-mail (HSC Daily news) listing all current events and general announcements.

The use of other distribution lists for mass, unsolicited e-mail is governed by the “Acceptable Use of Information Systems at The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center”. This policy specifies that information systems resources can be used only for authorized administrative, academic, research or clinical purposes or other University business.


The University considers violation of the E-mail Policy to be a serious offense and reserves the right to copy, monitor or examine any files or information residing on the University systems, networks or computing resources allegedly related to a violation of the E-mail Policy, and to protect its systems, networks and computing resources from events or behavior that threatens or degrades operations.  Violators are subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, penalties described in the Student Code, Faculty Handbook, and Staff Handbook. 

Campus Notices

Campus notices is the primary method of electronic communication for announcements to the OUHSC campus. Members of the OUHSC community are encouraged to review Campus Notices regularly to stay informed of activities and events on the campus. Campus Notices is available through the InsideHSC page on the HSC web site (http://www.ouhsc.edu/campusnotices/).

Campus Notices uses several categories for organizing and viewing announcements:

  1. Campus Events: OUHSC-related announcements.
  2. Staff Senate Announcements
  3. Healthy Sooners Announcements
  4. Electronic Bulletin Board: Faculty, staff, or student “bulletin board” type communications – any announcements that are not University sponsored.
  5. Lost and Found

Any individual with an HSC computer account is able to post items to Campus Notices. Complete instructions for posting items are available at Campus Notices through the “Help” link.

Items submitted to Campus Notices:

  1. Should be concise and provide links to additional information or forms, as necessary.
  2. Will be displayed up to a maximum of two weeks. 
  3. Will be governed by the “Acceptable Use of Information Systems at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center” (http://www.ouhsc.edu/it/policy/aup.asp) policy with the recognition that the Electronic Bulletin Board messages are not necessarily University business.

Rounds & Seminars

Rounds and Seminars is provided for posting announcements of Grand Rounds and Seminars that are scheduled for the HSC community.  Rounds & Seminars can be accessed through the InsideHSC page on the HSC web site (http://www.ouhsc.edu/rounds.aspx).  These events may also be posted under Campus Events in Campus Notices.