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OU Computer Standardization

The University of Oklahoma has a standardized computing program that maintains consistency across ALL University locations.


***We encourage you to consult with your designated computer support person, otherwise referred to as your Tier 1 when considering a new computer. If you are unsure who your Tier 1 is please refer to this list (Tier 1 Listing).***

The comprehensive link for all campuses in regards to this program is contained here:



If you are interested in submitting an Exception Request that deviates from the standardized computers in the above link, this Dell page allows you to shop the entire catalog and then create an equote to attach to the request.

OUHSC Dell Shopping Page For Exception Requests


We encourage departments to purchase Dell toner, memory and any other accessory or peripheral with their PCard and have the item(s) shipped directly to their department.  Please use this link to obtain the best pricing available:


OUHSC Dell Accessory and Peripheral Purchasing Page

(There is a PCard limit of $5,000 when using this page)



The University has a contract for large, departmental multi function copiers and printers. A new standardarized printer program will start the first of 2019.  You may call Central Printing Services at (405) 325-4176 for more information.