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DHCP Reservation Form

We are now using DHCP reservations instead of assigning static IP numbers. If a DHCP reservation will not work for your particular application, or you need more information regarding this policy, please contact the Service Desk. To simplify the reservation procedure please fill in the boxes below:
Your Name
Network for
Building designation
  (example LIB = Library; T-LIB= Tulsa Library)
Room number

MAC address
Enter 12 characters, use lowercase letters a-f, and numbers 0-9.

 :  :  :  :  :

A unique name for the device.
This name must be shorter than 64 characters and cannot contain any special characters such as an underscore or any spaces, but may contain a hyphen (-).

If you are requesting a particular IP address, please place it along with any additional comments in the field below: