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Dell Purchasing Links and Printer Information

The University allows individual departments to purchase entire computer systems under $5,000 with the PCard if Information Technology has approved the transaction. IT has approved the purchase of all Dell computer systems and printers included in the link below. If you are in need of a computer system please consult with your designated computer support person, otherwise referred to as your Tier 1. If you are unsure who your Tier 1 is please refer to this list (Tier 1 Listing).

The University has a contract for large, departmental multi function copiers and printers. You are asked to consider this program in order to decrease paper and toner consumption. You may call Central Printing Services at (405) 325-4176 for more information.

If you want to purchase a printer, you can shop for a Dell printer below, or if you prefer a different brand you can contact IT Tech Sales at (405) 271-2644. If we can't provide competitive pricing or availability, we can provide you with this information in writing so you may ask the PCard Team (proadmin@ouhsc.edu) for an exception to use your card with a commercial source.

If you are interested in a Dell computer or printer, follow the links below:

OUHSC Dell Departmental Purchasing Page under $5,000

OUHSC Dell Individual Purchasing Page (this site charges tax)

Below are some Dell documents that may help you decided on which system and/or peripheral will work best for you.

Dell E6410 and E6510 Information

Dell Flat Panel Monitor Family