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Dell Leasing Program

The University has partnered with Dell Computer Corporation to allow departments to lease desktop and laptop computers. This program provides individual departments the ability to spread the cost of technology over a period of three years.

Key Benefits of Leasing:

  • A third party company unboxes and installs the computers and disposes of all the trash. (You are responsible for transferring the data and installing the desired applications)
  • You can create an image that has all your department specific applications included so all you have to do is transfer the data
  • Streamlines the budgeting process and allows for consistency of expenditures
  • Allows you to get the latest technology every three years with no up front expenditures
  • Insures your employees will always be working on newer technology
  • Allows for all of your computer equipment to always be covered under warranty
  • Removes the risk of ownership
  • Increases standardization, therefore lowering the University's total cost of ownership
  • All the equipment is insured lowering the liability to the University
  • We dispose of all the assets and insure all University information is removed and provide you with a certificate of destruction that is approved by Information Security
  • All removed assets are either re-marketed or disposed of according to EPA and State of Oklahoma regulations insuring a cleaner environment and compliance.

How Does the Leasing Program Work?

To get started leasing you will need to e-mail to obtain access to the leasing Premier page at Dell. This page lists all the bundles that are available for lease. If your desired configuration is not listed that is not a problem. Just configure your system from the full catalog and send the e-quote number to leslie-sausins@ouhsc.edu and an individualized quote will be sent back to you.

To initiate a lease order:

  • Save an equote on the*** Leasing Premier page ***and enter the appropriate chart field. If you are unsure of the chart field just put an "X" in the box. We can always add this information later, but the bundle will not be ordered until the chart field is determined.
  • Have your business manager send an e-mail to leslie-sausins@ouhsc.edu and include the e-quote number, quantity desired, delivery location, image title (if appropriate) and chart field number if it is not already included in the e-quote.
  • IT Technology Sales will then take ownership of the project, process the order, coordinate delivery of the new machines and disposal of any existing lease machines, and insures the computers are charged to the appropriate chart field.

To terminate or cycle through leases there are several options:

  • If you wish to update your technology at the end of the lease term simply go through the steps above and IT Sales will start the process of ordering the new computer and disposing of the old one.
  • Although it is not recommended, you may purchase out the lease at termination with the written approval of the V.P. of Administrative Affairs. Price of the buyout is determined by Dell and is based on fair market value of the asset at that time.
  • Or if you would like to continue the lease of the machine at the same price you are paying, that is allowed also. The payment will continue for 9 months after the termination date, after which time you will own the machine.

The leasing program might seem a bit confusing at first, so do not hesitate to call a your IT leasing specialist at 271-2644 if you need anything clarified.