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Information Security Services

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Our mission is to protect critical information resources that support the University’s mission of teaching, healing, discovery, and public service.

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Acceptable Use
By using University information systems or computing resources, you agree to abide by and comply with the applicable policies, procedures and laws. Acceptable use must be ethical, reflect academic honesty, and show responsible use in the consumption of shared resources.

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Find information on getting connected to the Internet, account questions, changing passwords, getting virus and security information, secure messaging, secure file transfer and other security related tips and services. Go to: http://help.ouhsc.edu

Inquiries & Questions
Assistance with other issues related to this service can be requested using this form. Upon submission, this form creates a record in our tracking system and it will be routed to the appropriate resource for response. Faculty and staff can first contact their Tier 1 or departmental technology support. For immediate assistance with service disruptions during normal business hours, please call (405) 271-2203 or (888) 435-7486.