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IT Alerts October SCBHA Meeting | Monday, October 6th Pediatrician Joins PracticePediatrician Joins PracticeCancer Specialist Joins Stephenson Cancer CenterContraception, Corporations & Courts: Understanding Hobby Lobby | October 24IHI OUHSC Presents-- Red Tape: A Love Story | September 30Senior Health Care in Oklahoma Receives $11.5 Million in Support Cerebrovascular/Endovascular Neurosurgeon Joins OU PhysiciansAudiologist Joins PracticeOU Internal Medicine Resident Receives National Research AwardMaternal Fetal Medicine Specialist Joins OU PhysiciansCardiologist Joins PracticeHarold Hamm Diabetes Center Lecture Series | October 3 Children's experts note uptick in respiratory virus infections: State and Federal Health Officials Studying Whether Illnesses Are Related to EV-D68One Sooner Training | October 1Radiologist Joins OU Physicians Neurologist Joins OU Physicians Electrophysiologist Joins PracticeNeurologists Join OU PhysiciansFetal Alcohol Syndrome Awareness Day AnnouncedNeurologist/Neurointerventionalist Joins OU Physicians CMDA Medical Mission Trip 2015 | Deadline to Apply September 30The 2nd Annual Great Minds Think Alike Event | October 9Student UCARD | Win Prizes! | Various Campus EventsWhat’s On Wednesdays (#HSCWOW) | Every Wednesday

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